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Our mission is to provide the lighting community an inclusive and open environment for professional and personal growth by offering networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing. Women in Lighting + Design is open to all women and their allies, creating a supportive and safe network for all.

Join us at our networking events for animated discussions on women in the workplace and current lighting trends while making new friends and meeting mentors.  Learn from our history and discuss how we can strive to push forward as a group and individually.

We are WILD.


Growing from a need for community and networking opportunities in the lighting industry, Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) began meeting casually in the 1990s. From small beginnings, WILD has blossomed into an established organization with multiple chapters nationwide and a burgeoning international presence. Each chapter controls their own events, allowing growth within those communities at their own pace. A core group of women from each chapter create the national committee to help plan networking events at larger conferences.

We are a feminist organization, believing in the equality of the sexes, and strive to promote and encourage this in the lighting industry. WILD connects and supports our members, convening for discussions on topics such as professional growth, workplace sexism, financial health and parental planning, as well as supporting charitable causes. Some events are open to men to help further understanding of current issues, to broaden perspectives, and to inspire engagement in the process. These are not simply women’s issues, but are problems that affect the entire community. We acknowledge the struggles of our past while focusing on how to build forward into the future.

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WILD National Board of Directors
President: Kelly Roberts (New York City)
Vice President: Katherine Stekr (Denver)
Treasurer: Sriti Singh (San Francisco)
Secretary: Lily Knoerzer (Philly)
Director-at-Large: Alessa Aguayo (NYC); Bridget Cross (Chicago); Lauren Dunn (Denver); Lois Hutchinson (LA)