WILD on the Rise: Texas Edition

Check out the new podcast from Lytei featuring our amazing WILD Texas leaders Alriah and Alyssa (DFW), Michelle (Houston), and Sarah (Austin)! They dive deep about WHAT inspired them each to start their Chapters and WHY you should join them. Check out this truly honest and open conversation from these four incredible women.

Stephen Lees' Story (Part 1): From Actors to Architects LytePod

Ever wonder how a living lighting legend like Stephen Lees got his start, how he frames design challenges (not to mention career challenges), or what keeps him motivated? In part one of this three-part series showcasing his life and career, Stephen tells the story of his beginnings in the architectural lighting industry. Drawing inspiration from his experience and education in theater, learn some of the perspectives and perceptions he has formed in his decades-long journey as a lighting designer.
  1. Stephen Lees' Story (Part 1): From Actors to Architects
  2. Oscar Cobb – The JEDI Mindset: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  3. Jess Krometis – Live from Lightfair: A Recap of Lights in Alingsås
  4. There's a New Color Tool in Town: TM-30's Annex E – Jason Livingston and Tony Esposito
  5. Get to Know the Queer Community – Alana, Amy, Martin

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